Phaistos Hall

It impresses with its peaceful outdoor environment and the large room with the huge windows, from which there is direct contact with the garden, especially when they are fully open.

A characteristic point of the Phaistos area is the pond with the fountain. In a sense, it separates the area with the lawn and the paved part of the track, from the slightly elevated area with the large pines and the stone, picturesque church of Ag. Georgiou, which is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Phaistos.

It also has a built-in BBQ and a built-in outdoor BAR, as well as a functional bridal suite that, in addition to the external entrance, communicates directly with the hall.

In the foyer there is a dressing room for winter receptions and a relaxation area, which depending on the special needs, can be used even for the creative employment of children.

The Phaistos area is autonomous, has a private entrance, parking that operates with professional valet parking, WC with permanent cleaning service.

Outdoor space with a capacity of 450 people for a sitting meal and 1500 people for an upright cocktail event (cocktail party, cocktail gala)

Room for 450 people for a sitting meal and 600 people for an upright cocktail event.