Catering outside the church

For those who want to make their wedding or baptism reception unique, Divine Gastronomy Catering gives the possibility to have a wide range of savory and sweet food outside the church or the town hall.

Respecting the space and the occasion, the well-trained staff of Divine Gastronomy Catering will take care of recreating the space by adding the necessary equipment such as buffet and table and chairs as well as other equipment which will complete the distinctive setting of marriage or baptism.

Experienced chefs will choose the best raw materials and will prepare a wide range of hot delicious flavors tailored to your tastes. Furthermore, in order to satisfy your guests, Divine Gastronomy Catering will provide you with a full range of modern food preservation equipment which will ensure the right temperature of food.

The choice of the buffet outside the church or the town hall is an economic and at the same time beautiful solution, offering your guests fresh, hand-crafted sweet and salty delicacies as well as the beverages of your choice.

Assign Divine Gastronomy Catering to the wedding or baptism reception outside the church or town hall and relax while enjoying this special moment.