Cocktail Bar

Divine Gastronomy Catering offers complete solutions for organizing events for every occasion

Organize a personal or business event and pleasantly surprise your guests with Cocktail Catering & Bar Services serving unique tasty cocktails by experienced bartenders.

Divine Gastronomy Catering will offer you a fully integrated Cocktail Bar equipment including stocked bars, cocktail glasses, and consumables, as well as experienced bartenders who always kindly serve your drinks.

The company will help you organize a Cocktail Bar at your place or any other place you want using the stylish portable bars while for those who want to originate, we offer the choice of van bars. These are bar-mode vehicles that give you the unique opportunity to organize your party or event anywhere you want.

Choose to accompany cocktails and selected drinks suggestions with unique Finger food taste which will give you a sense of quantity and variety, while for those who want to escape from the usual flavors, prefer to combine Cocktail Catering & Bar Services with Japanese flavors choosing the Divine Gastronomy Catering Sushi Bar.

Our human resources will ensure that everything will be perfect allowing you to enjoy this feast without stress and fatigue.

Give your guests a unique experience of releasing a road trip with the image and drinks of VOLKSWAGEN OPEN BAR traveling with them!