In keeping with the development of the era and the modern way of operating the stores,Divine Gastronomy Catering adopts the successful store-within-a-store application in which a shop owner or any retail space can operate within Divine Gastronomy Catering services.

With this application, you reach customers by ensuring their absolute satisfaction.

A place of culture or entertainment, such as a bookstore, can be transformed into a warm and atmospheric multi-site where the customer can enjoy finger food or a quality dish while enjoying reading his book. Also, with the help of Divine Gastronomy Catering, it can be transformed into a great venue for the presentation of books and future projects.

An even more frequent store-inside-a-store case is the showrooms where we often find catering services. A variety of clothing and footwear stores, children’s toys, and many other venues apply store-inside-a-store building a trust relationship between customer and business.

Divine Gastronomy Catering collaborates with many businesses that choose to adopt this application. In addition to high efficiency, there are many advantages, such as the exclusive tax burden on the lessee and the store-within-a-store operation, which costs exclusively Divine Gastronomy Catering.

Divine Gastronomy Catering helps your business make an investment that will only make a profit for you. Contact us for more details about the store-within-a-store.

Choose Divine Gastronomy Catering and build strong relationships with your customers!